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Ask the Analyst - for Scrip subscribers

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Ask The Analyst is a client support service, available to Scrip subscribers.

The service enables you to address questions arising from Scrip’s news/analysis coverage, to our team of analysts. Our experts will do the research and get back to you personally with the information you need. This helps you to strengthen your knowledge and understanding of global pharmaceutical/biotech events and their implications for your business activities.

To submit your research question, email:

Ask The Analyst enables you to:

  • request background information on/explanation of articles that have been published at;
  • seek the analysts’ views on/interpretation of new industry developments;
  • ask for an interpretation of market trends;
  • source supplementary data relating to published articles;
  • request explanations of how regulatory developments might affect the industry; and
  • request research into a particular topic, which can then be published as a market insight, executive briefing or other content.
  • You can ask questions specific to your business and we will provide a bespoke answer
  • Access to many years’ experience of pharma and healthcare markets – like having your own business development consultant
  • Analysts have access to all Informa products and services to help answer questions – this includes drug development/clinical trials databases, market intelligence products, scientific journals, company/financial data and much, more
  • Analysts have access to a wide range of industry contacts

As well as the entire Informa information universe (including Informa news archives, databases, journals, books, etc), the analysts will consult external sources to answer your query and will also be supported by Scrip’s editorial team when necessary. They will contact pharmaceutical and biotech companies, if appropriate, to develop the response.

If appropriate, analysts will provide links to relevant websites and information services and information sources that may be useful to you.

Responses will be timely and will enhance your knowledge and understanding of the global pharmaceutical sector.

Meet the team
Scrip’s analysts have expertise in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and can alert you to new developments and trends that have a direct effect upon your business, and thereby enhance your understanding of new industry developments.

Dr Peter Charlish
Peter Charlish focuses on drug discovery and product development, including clinical trials, and regulatory affairs, with knowledge extending across pharma, medical devices and diagnostics. Read more...
Ian Schofield
Ian Schofield writes on a wide range of issues affecting the healthcare industry, with a focus on EU regulatory, political, legal and scientific affairs. He also covers specialist areas such as advanced therapies, paediatrics... Read more...
Phil Greenfield
Phil has many years of experience in editorial, market research and publishing in the healthcare sector. His primary focus is science, technology and business across medtech and pharma. Read more...
Ashley YeoAshley Yeo
Ashley has a wealth experience of the medical technology and healthcare sectors, focusing on healthcare and trade policy, business and financial performance and regulatory affairs. Read more...

What subscribers say about Ask the Analyst:

The Ask the Analyst service from Scrip, is a wonderful service... the experts can perform a thorough search on topics not necessarily covered in the usual publications and the search can be easily tailored to meet our needs. This gives us a competitive edge pushing us ahead of competition and aiding in our strategic decision making allowing us to foresee what lies ahead.

Francisco Kuri Breña Ph.D., Probiomed, S.A. De C.V.

I found your “Ask the Analyst” service to be one of a kind, as it was not only very personalized, content worthy, to the point and fast, but was FREE to the subscribers.  The information the analyst provided was for a new area that I have not been familiar with previously, helped me focus my thinking in the right direction. Thank you.

Amirtha Naadimuthu, MD, CPI, sanofi-aventis

04 April 2016
Stockholm, Sweden
06 April 2016
Hamburg, Germany
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